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George Harrison Tribute
"Benefit For Harmony Project"
Los Angeles, CA
September 12, 2009

Disc 1
01. setup & tuning
02. I Want To Tell You (Dark Horse Band)
03. All Things Must Pass (El May)
04. I Live For You (El May)
05. (El May)
06. Old Brown Shoe (Leslie Stevens)
07. For You Blue (Leslie Stevens)
08. Here Comes The Sun (Leslie Stevens)
09. Long Long Long (Shakey Graves)
10. Awaiting On You All (Shakey Graves)
11. Far East Man (Whispering Pines)
12. What Is Life (Whispering Pines)
13. Art Of Dying (Whispering Pines)
14. Taxman (Mississippi Man)
15. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Mississippi Man)
16. Jody (When You Awake) and Gretchen (Harmony Project)
17. Blow Away (Dark Horse House Band)

Disc 2
18. tuning & tech problems (Amanda Jo Williams)
19. Devil's Radio (Amanda Jo Williams)
20. (Amanda Jo Williams)
21. Beware Of Darkness (Amanda Jo Williams)
22. tuning & setup (Big Search)
23. Behind That Locked Door (Big Search)
24. Give Me Love, Give Me Peace On Earth (Big Search)
25. The Light That Has Lighted The World (Big Search)
26. Something (Robert Francis)
27. (Robert Francis)
28. If Not For You (Ryan Ross, Michael Runion, Alex Greenwald & Dave Rawlings)
29. tuning & set up (Ryan Ross, Michael Runion, Alex Greenwald, Dave Rawlings & Andy Creighton)
30. Think For Yourself (Ryan Ross, Michael Runion, Alex Greenwald, Dave Rawlings & Andy Creighton)
31. tuning & setup
32. My Sweet Lord (The Horse House Band & Leslie Stevens)

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  1. Great post Joao! Do you have "Come Together: Black America sings Lennon & McCartney" ? It is a new compilation of Beatles covers! Thank you so much.