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BEATLES COVERS - Various Artists ( A --> Z )

Various Artists - A-C
(Unknown group) (Avant Records, no artists listed) - Get Back
101 Strings - Something
Al Caiola - A Hard Day's Night
Amen Corner - Get Back (Scotland '69)
Anita Kerr Singers - All You Need Is Love ('68)
Anne Renee - Je Veux Savoir ('You Won't See Me' Quebec, Canada '74)
Annette Funicello - All My Loving
Applejacks - Baby's in BlackAssagai - Hey, Jude
Augusto Righetti - Girl (Italia)
Baby Dolls - Got To Get You Into My Life (UK)
Bantams - Ticket to ride(kids)
Gentry - Eleanor Rigby
Bobbie Gentry - Fool On The Hill
Bootles - I'll Let You Hold My Hand (Answer to 'I Want to Hold Your Hand') (UK)
Buckinghams - I Call Your Name
Carmen D'Oro - Something
Charlie Barnet & His Orch. - A Hard Day's Night ('70)
Charlie Barnet & His Orch. - Come Together ('70)
Chet Atkins - I'll follow the sun
Chet Atkins - Hey, jude
Chet Atkins - Michelle
Chet Atkins - She's a Woman
Chet Atkins - Yesterday
Claire Lepage - We can work it out (Quebec, Canada '69)
Various Artists - D-L
Daniela Danas - Things We Said Today (Yugoslavia)
Danielle Denin - Je lis dans tes yeux ('I'm Looking Through You' - France )
Danielle Denin - Michel Michelle (France)
David & Jonathan - She's Leaving Home
David Schnaufer - Here Comes The Sun
Dino & I Kings - Cerca di capire ('I Should Have Known Better' Italia '64)
Dino, Desi & Billy - Nowhere Man
Ella Fitzgerald - Can't Buy Me Love
Elvis Presley - Yesterday (Live)
Enoch Light's Orch. - I want to hold your hand
Enoch Light's Orch. - Yellow Submarine
Erick Saint Laurent - Eleanor Rigby (France)
Fausto Leali & i Novelty - Lei Ti Ama ('She loves you' Italia '64)
Gene Moss - I Want To Bite Your Hand ('I Want To Hold Your Hand')
George Martin - Michelle
Giovani Giovani - Ma Voglio Solo Te ('I Want Hold Your Hand' Italia)
Jimmy Griffin - All My Loving
Joe Reisman Orch. - Hey, JudeJohnny Litrell - A Hard Day's Night
Johnny Rivers - Can't Buy Me Love
Keely Smith - She Loves You (USA '64)
Knycks - If I Needed Someone (Jeffersonville, Indiana USA '66)
Lam Leng & The Quests - I Feel Fine (Singapore)
Lennon Sisters - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Los Angeles, California USA)
Various Artists - L-R
Les Baronets - Oh, je veux etre a toi ('I Wanna Be Your Man' Quebec, Canada)
Les Fizz – Si tu fais ca ('You Can't Do That' - France)
Les Furys - Michelle (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Les Gam's - Toi l'ami ('All my loving' - France)
Les Intrigantes - Hello, Goodbye (Canada)
Les Miladys - Le fou sur la colline ('Fool On The Hill' - Canada)
Little Boys - Lei ti ama ('She loves you' - Italia)
Mamas & The Papas - I Call Your Name ('66)
Mamas & The Papas - I Call Your Name (Stereo version '66)
Margareta Pislaru si Sincron - All my lovin' (Romania)
Marvelettes - I Should Have Known Better
Michelle Richard - Je Ne Peux l'Acheter ('Can't Buy me Love' - France)
Mina - Michelle (Italia)
Moacyr Marques - The night before
Moving Sidewalks (pre-ZZ Top) - I Want To Hold Your Hand
Naturals - I Should Have Known Better
Nelson Riddle & His Orch. - I Want to Hold Your Hand
Newgrass Revival - I'm Down
Overlanders - Michelle (UK)
Pebbles (2) - You Can't Do That (Japan '90s)
Peggy lee - A Hard Days Night
Peter Knight Orch. - With a Little Help from My Friends ('67)
Pleasure Fair - Things We Said Today
Pupils - I Wanna Be Your Man
Various Artists - R-Z
Ray Charles Singers - Hey, Jude ('69)
Renato & Seus Blue Caps - Feche os olhos ('All my loving') Rio de Janeiro,Brazil
Renee Martel - Un Certain Soir ('The Night before')
Ribelli - ('Obladi Oblada') Italia
Riccardo Cocciante (as Richard Cocciante) - Michelle (in francese, Italia)
Ricky Gianco - Non cercarmi ('All My Loving') Italia
Sakura & The Quests - Michelle (Singapore)
Sandy Gurley - Can't Buy Me Love (San Francisco, California USA)
Score - Please, Please Me (UK)
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - With A Little Help From My Friends
Sergio Mendes & Brasil'66 - Fool On The Hill ('68)
Settlers - Nowhere Man (UK)
Shirley Scott & The Soul Saxes (w. King Curtis) - Get Back
Si Zentner - I Want to Hold Your Hand
Stef Meeder Grand Hammond Medley - Can't Buy Me Love ('70)
Stone - Le Jour La Nuit ('You Won't See Me' France)
Supremes - Come Together ('70)
Supremes - You Can't Do That
ThirdWave - Eleanor Rigby (Philipine/Northern California USA '69)
Three Good Reasons - Nowhere Man
Tihm - Ob-La-Dì Ob-La-Dà ('Obla di Obla da' Italia '69)
Trends - All My Loving (Liverpool, UK)
Typhoons - I Should Have Known Better (UK)
Wee Willie Walker - Ticket To Ride
Zhang Xiao Feng - I Should Have Known Better (China)
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